The Manna Project

The manna project is an exciting inter-religious collaboration to end hunger in our community from Clifton Lutheran Church, Temple Sinai and our newest partner, The Islamic Society of the North Shore!

With the goal of ending the persistent and intolerable scourge of food insecurity, the manna project has already packed 14,000 meals for people in need. These meals can be distributed at shelters, but also taken home. They are easily cooked without a kitchen, and are shelf stable for more than a year! Read more about them here!

The project is about more than just bland nutrition. It's about worshiping together, sharing music, meals and making friends. It's about breaking down the barriers between the recipients of help and their helpers. It's about changing systems and challenging the assumption that we will always live with too little, when our traditions promise us God's abundance.

Join us!

A schedule of events:

October 7th 10:00 AM worship at Clifton Lutheran

October 26th 6:00 PM worship at Temple Siani 

November 30th 7:30 PM worship at the Islamic Center of the North Shore

January Raffle event on this website!

March 5th 2019 7:00 PM roundtable disussion: "Hunger on the North Shore" Abbot Library

March 31st 9:00 Packing Event at Temple Siani