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What's a Lutheran?

For us, being Lutheran isn't about defining a group but rather a set of fundamental beliefs.

We believe in the power of Christ above all and His power to save.

We believe in the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting.

We believe in the full grace of God - the freely given gift of salvation apart from our own merit offered to us out of unconditional love; not as a reward for earthly works.

We believe in a loving God whose story is faithfully related through both testaments of the bible pointing to the fundamental character and faithfulness to God's people.

We share two fundamental sacraments instituted by Christ; Baptism and Holy Communion

How Does Lutheran differ from being Catholic? 

If you are currently Roman Catholic you will notice our service is structurally similar to the Mass. However, while we share a strong foundation with our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, there are a few important differences that shape the spirit of our community and the focus of our worship.  

  • We recognize only two sacraments instituted by Christ; Baptism and Holy Communion​

  • We do not recognize the power of human authorities not attested to in scripture. For example, while we share many of the Pope's perspectives we do not recognize papal authority or infallibility on matters of faith

  • We recognize and embrace women as clergy and accept other groups historically or currently isolated from the Roman Catholic Church such as divorced Catholics and the LGBTQ community.

  • We recognize the validity of same sex marriage.

  • Our clergy is allowed to marry and live non-celibate lives which we believe to be a healthier lifestyle enabling greater insight and empathy into the joys and challenges of familial life today and greater ability to meaningfully guide is in living the word of Christ.

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