Clifton Lutheran Church
Clifton Lutheran Church is the only Lutheran Church in Marblehead, conveniently located at 150 Humphrey Street. We are a warm welcoming community - a group of people who have come together to be nurtured in worship by word, to grow in faith, to belong and be valued, and serve among the hopes and hurts of our world.

Welcome to Clifton Lutheran Church
An ELCA Lutheran Church
We have lots of kids and activities! The children at Clifton Lutheran Church range from the newborn to the teenager. We have activities to keep them busy and connected which includes Sunday School, Confirmation, and Camp at Calumet!
We have communion every week, traditional services, and more contemporary or blended services approximately once a month. Our church schedule can be found on our Worship page.
Clifton Lutheran Church was started in 1941 but the current building was not completed until 1954. In the early years, the parsonage not only housed the pastor and his family but had a chapel which could seat 80 people and a meeting hall.
Exterior of First Church
Interior of First Church
All parish and congregational activities were held at the parsonage including a weekday nursery school each morning, then Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownie and Girl Scouts each afternoon!

These activities came to a close in the fall of 1954 with the dedication of the new church.
The parsonage was designed and constructed by Mr. & Mrs. Herbert H. Hazel. It was designed to be easily and economically converted to a roomy permanent parsonage after it served its temporary purpose of housing the early congregation and the pastor's family.